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Princess Parties Hemel Hempstead

Princess party

Welcome to the home of Candy Floss Princess Parties, here at Candy Floss Princess Pamper Parties, we can provide your daughter with the Princess party of her dreams, Our area covers Hemel Hempstead and we have lots of parties on offer including our Princess Party, Pamper Party, One Direction Party, Real Princess Party, Frozen Princess Party, Disney Princess Party, Prince and Princess Party, Princess Academy Party, and the You to us Princess party. The You to us Party is a princess party that takes every aspect of your daughters princess party away from the parents, we will hire the venue and we set the scene for your special little princess. Our aim at Candy Floss Princess Pamper Parties is for your daughter to sparkle, glimmer and shine and have a wonderful time, whether it is our frozen princess party with Princess Elsa or our Prince and Princess Party; your little princess’s event will never be forgotten. Once you book a Candy floss princess party you have entered the Candy Floss Princess world, You can book on line and also order your little princesses Princess goody bags, princess presents, princess Candy Cones, Princess sweet trees, Princess Balloons, Princess Piñatas, Princess Table Cloths and so much more from our Candy Floss Princess Candy Store and Candy Floss princess Party Supplies. One of our more popular parties at the moment is or Frozen party, we can supply a Frozen Princess Party with or with out Princess Elsa, Frozen 2 is hitting the cinemas next year and we will be providing Princess Elsa along with Olaf and Princess Anna. So don’t delay order your princess party today or your little princess will miss out.

Information about Hemel Hempstead

The settlement was called by the name Henamsted or Hean-Hempsted, i.e. High Hempstead, in Anglo-Saxon times and in William the Conqueror's time by the name of Hemel-Amstede.[1] The name is referred to in the Domesday Book as "Hamelamesede", but in later centuries it became Hamelhamsted, and, possibly, Hemlamstede.[2] In Old English, "-stead" or "-stede" simply meant a place, such as the site of a building or pasture, as in clearing in the woods, and this suffix is used in the names of other English places such as Hamstead and Berkhamsted.[3] Another opinion is that Hemel probably came from "Haemele" which was the name of the district in the 8th century and is most likely either the name of the land owner, or could mean "broken country".[4][5] The town is now known to residents as "Hemel" however before The Second World War locals called it "Hempstead". The town has given its name to the town of Hempstead, New York. Immigrants from Hemel Hempstead migrated to the area which is now Hempstead, New York, including the surrounding areas such as Roosevelt, in the late 17th century. The town of Hemel Hempstead has much to offer its many visitors and is a great family friendly place to shop. The town centre has all the major high street stores you'd expect of a busy modern town as well as a Debenhams department store. Hemel Hempstead Market The Marlowes, in the town centre, constitutes Hemel Hempstead's main shopping area. There are stores located along both sides of the street, much of which is pedestrianised, as well as inside the Marlowes Shopping Centre. At the end of the Marlowes, just past Marks & Spencer, you can walk straight through into Riverside, the new shopping development with Debenhams and many other new stores. Road access can be gained via the Plough (‘Magic’) Roundabout to the Riverside 350 space car park. Hemel Hempstead's outdoor market is located in the centre of the Marlowes, along the pedestrianised area. For fruit and vegetables, clothes and household goods, the general market is on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For something extra special and unique, why not stroll up to the Old Town High Street and browse around the antique and other shops. Here you will also find plenty of restaurants and pubs. Hemel Hempstead town centre also has plenty of cafes and restaurants and is a secure pedestrianised area with CCTV, Safe Child Scheme, baby changing facilities and easy parking.  

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