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Princess party

Welcome to the home of Candy Floss Princess Pamper Parties. We cover a large geographic area including Abbots Langley. Here at Candy Floss Princess Pamper Parties, we pride our selves on our magical pamper parties that we deliver to your children.

When Candy Floss was first founded by Victoria Strange, our parties were very basic, such as Glitter nails, glitter, feather boa’s and a catwalk, over the last 18 months we now have over seven different parties on offer, Real Princesses, Princess Pamper Party Candy Store and our Princess Pamper Party Supplies store where you can purchase all you will need for your Childs party.

You can book your childs event on line, via Facebook or by phone, these events are not just for birthdays, they can be for any event. Once you book a Candy floss princess pamper party for your child, or teen, you have entered the Candy Floss Princess pamper world. You can also order your girls pamper goody bags for your teen or children, princess pamper presents, princess pamper Candy Cones, Princess pamper sweet trees, girl Princess pamper Balloons, Princess pamper Piñatas, Princess pamper Table Cloths and so much more from our Candy Floss Princess pamper Candy Store and Candy Floss princess pamper Party Supplies.

We are always updating our party’s to coincide with the current market of beauty and cinema blockbusters such as Frozen and Cinderella, if a new princess movie is released then we will design a themed party for which ever film, which swiftly brings me on to our themed parties… Candy Floss Princess Pamper Parties caters for ages between 4 and 17, our “Themed” parties are a fantastic event for your children or child to experience between 4 and 9 – Our “Themed” parties and events enable your child to choose one of the following themes - One Direction - Hawaiian - Tinkerbell - Cinderella - Glee - Bratz - Hello Kitty - Monsters High – Popstars – or our very popular Frozen Party were your children or child can experience a real life princess such as Queen Elsa, Anna, Tinkerbelle, Cinderella, come visit them at your home or venue of your choice – the “Themed” party includes the following… Personalized princess pamper letter to the birthday girl, princess pamper Invites, princess pamper Mini Manicure or Pedicure or Glitter Varnish, Themed Tattoos, Themed Make Over, Jewellery, Hair Sprinkles, Comedy Glasses, Neon Hair Pieces, Feather Boas, Bubble Machine, Themed Karaoke, Themed Competitions, Bracelet Making, Games with Themed Prizes Themed Music.

If you have a child or children aged between 13 and 17 we can provide our “Miss Diva Party” these gorgeous pamper Events are tailored specifically to suit your teen’s age age – these parties include the following ….. 90 Minute Party, Teen Personalized invites, Mini Manicure, Mini Pedicure, Hand Massage, Teen Make Over, Mini facial - A cleanse, tone, scrub, and moistirise for all skin types, Chocolate Fondue and Marshmallows, Teen Beauty Quiz, Teen Magazines and Music. We also cater for children who maybe do not want our pamper expereince – we can provide you with our 1 hour of pure of fun for your number one – “Wands & Crafts Party”this party is perfect for children from 4+ and includes…Biscuit Decorating, child friendly Sweeties, Crown Decorating, Glitter Tattoos, Princess Colouring, Competitions, Karaoke, Dancing, Music, Games, Pass the Parcel, Chocolate Fondue with 7 Marshmallows. Our aim at Candy Floss Princess Pamper Partys is to make sure that your child or childrens event is truly a girls or teens day to remember. Another one of our popular partys is our One Direction children’s pamper birthday party, this truly is such a fun event, our One Direction candy and party supplies go amazingly with this pamper party. We cater for all events, if you are booking us to host your child or childrens birthday, you could book our “You to us children’s Princess pamper parties for birthday and other different events” this includes the following … We use our venue, so we can set up and clear way, this includes the following, 90 Minute Princess Pamper Party, Personalized Princess Pamper Letter to the Birthday Girl, Personalized Princess pamper Party Invite’s, Mini Manicure or Pedicure or Glitter Varnish, Hair Glitter Spray, Glitter tattoos, Make up, Hair Accessories, Hair Sprinkles, Comedy Glasses, Neon Hair Pieces, Bubble Machine, Chick Flicks (Age Appropriate), Karaoke, Various Competitions, Red Carpet Catwalk, Bracelet Making, Games with Prizes, Music. While waiting for pamper treatments children or teens can experiment with all make up and lots of glitter while feasting on marshmallows and our chocolate fountain/Fondue, they can also sing there hearts out to the Karaoke machine provided. Your teen’s prom, a prom is a very special event for your teen so it’s inevitable that they would like to be pampered, we can do a full make over transforming them to be the bell of the ball.

Information about abbots langley

The name of the village derives from 1045 when, it is recorded, a Saxon, Ethelwine the Black and his wife Wynfelda, gave ‘Langelei’ (denoting a long meadow or long lea) to the Abbot and the monks of the monastery of St Albans, who for several hundred years played an important part in the affairs of Abbots Langley. The Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 took place not long after the Saxon’s gift to the Abbot had been confirmed by Edward the Confessor. In the wake of the subsequent occupation, the Norman, Paul de Caen, became Abbot. We learn from the Domesday Book that in 1066 he held authority over an area of land of 3 hides (one hide is equivalent to approximately 120 acres in modern terms), the value of all the land at Abbots Langley being assessed at £10. The Parish Church of St Lawrence the Martyr was dedicated as early as 1154. The tower of the church dates from the twelfth century, as do the fine Norman arches that adorn the north and south arcades. Domesday records indicate that it is likely that a Saxon church preceded the Norman structure on this site. The international historical significance of Abbots Langley is as the birthplace of the only Englishman ever to become Pope in Rome. Nicholas Breakspear was born at Breakspear Farm, near Bedmond in approximately 1100. He became Pope Adrian IV (1154-1159). One of his Papal Acts was to permit Henry II to conquer Ireland and bring that country into the sphere of the Roman Church. He allegedly choked to death on a fly. In the 14th century, plague, famine and the Black Death stalked the village, taking heavy toll. Despite brief but bloody disturbance from the Peasants Revolt in 1381, the supreme power of the Abbot in Abbots Langley survived until the reign of the Tudors. In 1539, Henry VIII, having seized Abbots Langley as his own, sold the manor to one of his most loyal and military commanders, the military engineer Sir Richard Lee. During the Civil War (1642-1649), Hertfordshire supported the Parliamentarians and St Albans, together with surrounding villages was brought to a state of near starvation. An independent state of mind was shown by Abbots Langley people, who did not like the strict Puritan regime forbidding cock-fighting and dancing round the maypole. Despite all this civil turbulence, it is interesting to note that the parish registers were kept up to date. In fact, the Parish Registers are of uncommon antiquity and completeness, beginning in the year 1538, as ordered by Henry VIII. The early registers are very beautifully written on parchment. The records are now housed in the County Archives at County Hall, Hertford. With the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, there followed a long period of relative calm in England, when the social order remained unchallenged. The squires and gentry lived well and the common folk worked hard on the land, raising their crops undisturbed. With the cementing of the land-owning aristocracy in the Georgian period, working folk began to find employment as servants, maids and gardeners. Many of the domestic staff were actually recruited in London and brought to Abbots Langley by the estate owners. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries many fine houses and estates were being built in the local area. The land around Abbots Langley was then considered to be a very attractive rural location which was still quite close to London’s high society.

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